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YSPEO Legacy Programs

Beyond Genesis - FREE

Whether you want to embrace it or debate it you will need to know what the entire Bible teaches. No just bits & pieces. Learn the big picture, characters, places & events You will be surprised! Certificate course!

Ministry Ordination Program

A 10-month course of online study. This Program is for those who are called to minister for Christ and is sufficient to award ordination as a Christian minister upon successful completion and examination.

Marriage Registration Program

This program is for ordained Christian ministers that have a valid ordination certificate and currently serve an active ministry. Upon successful completion of this Program membership and sponsorship for Registration will be offered.

Harvestime International Network Courses

They're Free!

We carry courses created by Harvest International Network. These are extremely comprehensive courses that include For Further Study and self-tests at the end of each chapter.  Answers to all questions are also provided.   A wonderful curriculum and blessing for all ministries, bible schools, leaderships, missions and evangelism. You can make a donation to Harvest International Network and find out more at


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